Vydra River

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Vydra River

The wild beauty of the nature around Antýgl is truly impressive - once experienced, you'll keep coming back here like a sparrow, and not only in the springtime. Just like otters are slowly coming back to the river named after them. Sneak into the deep dusky rocky canyon and breathe in the wildnes and the inviolancy. Stroll around, relax and contemplate.

The homestead Antýgl is surrounded by several touristic trails. Take the one named Povydří, follow the red trail blazing and you'll reach the famous Turner chalet (Turnerova chata). If you feel up for it, continue to Jelenov to the water power plant Čeňkova pila. On the slope of the Vydra canyon you'll notice a blockfield. The icy peat river water is swift in movement, it keeps on tumbling the ingenous rock over the rounded boulders. The streamlet is sprinkling the surroundings with its transparent refreshing droplets. The film shows a man and a little boy sunbathing on a rock. They're having a rather sad conversation. This is where Louka and Kolya connect in mutual harmony.



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