„What town is this? Dubrovnik?“


Don't be an ass like Mr Macháček, most of the scenes were shot in Prague! Let's go through them together. Or you know what? Better go on your own, the atmosphere will be more worth it. Dreamers or Loners or whatever you want to call them, one thing is certain - life isn't easy in Prague for people in their thirties.

You still haven't seen Loners? Don't be mistaken, it's no love story. You need to approach love with a sense of humour! The story is about entangled relationships of seven young people, which are, let's say, quite complicated. All love is, for that matter. At one point, you're dancing with joy in your bathroom, next moment you get rejected and sit unhappily on the steps of the Municipal Library in Prague. Even if you're married, nothing compares to the adrenaline from new affairs! Well, most of the times...

You just have to love the anxiety before a blind date. However, if your wicked friend arranges it for you (and in Vojanovy Gardens), it can't be of any good. He most probably agreed on it with your current girlfriend, is responsible for your break-up and films all of it with his camera. But don't give up! Love can get ignited in many ways. We just don't recommend using real flames like Ivan Trojan did in the film. On the other hand, one should try everything.

If this doesn't prove right, there are alternatives. You can laugh at the current situation, have a delicious happy cookie or two, or go out trying to establish contact with aliens. Who knows, you might be taken on board. They say it takes creatures of seven different sexes to start a new life out there!

You might end up realizing that love is sometimes closer than you think. The film makes you believe that Jakub has to walk far to win the heart of his loved one. That he needs to spend all his days smoking pot, philosophizing and getting beaten up by a taxi driver, all that for a kiss. In real life, all the scenes are no further away from each other than the length of the Jirásek Bridge. By the way, it is said that for his role of Jakub, Jiří Macháček was actually under the influence of marijuana throughout the shoot. While walking around Prague, we recommend sobriety.

Director David Ondříček
Cast Jitka Schneiderová, Saša Rašilov, Ivan Trojan
Country Czech, Slovakia

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