Cutting It Short

„Are you bored? Have a pint of ice cold beer in a brewey in Dalešice, that will pleasantly distract you.“

Cutting It Short

Are you in the mood for making a slightly different trip today? The brewery in Dalešice from the film Cutting It Short is a repository of naughty ideas. Find inspiration in the crazy moments of Maryška and Pepin. After you get hungry, have a bite of something delicious and wash it down with a pint of cold beer. You will most surely enjoy it like Mrs manager did.

In the brewery in Dalešice, you can contemplate the optimistic mood of the 1920s, dream of its elegance and take life as one big fascinating game. You can erase borders between reality and fantasy and do foolish romantic things. Here you can forget about prejudice, you can sing out loud and dangle your legs atop a chimney. Leave convention behind and enjoy the simple beautiful moments in life.

The story in the book Cutting It Short takes place in a brewery in Nymburk, where Bohumil Hrabal lived for twenty years. The film interiors were shot not far from Telč, in a brewery in Studená. What made Cutting It Short immortal, however, was the brewery in Dalešice. On its driveway, you will find yourself waiting for manager Francin to pass you by on his motorcycle. The main entrance door is still the same today, the only difference is its sign - while the film showed Měšťanský pivovar (Civic brewery), you will be greeted with Akciový pivovar (Joint-stock brewery). But who would worry about the details - where beer is made, good times never fade!

The atmosphere in the yard will definitely make you feel the magic of the film, scented with malt and the traditional pig-slaughtering. Here, in front of the entrance of the brewery, the beautiful Maryška invited the managing board to the feast. Listen closely and you will hear the sound of forging and wood plaining - it's the barrel-makers working on a new set of barrels. And save the best for last. Eins, zwei, eins, zwei... you can play soldiers like Pepin did with Maryška. And if you're told off for making too much noise, go somewhere else. Where? Atop a chimney! However, in the film actors Magda Vašáryová and Jaromír Hanzlík only climbed a fake one, no more than two metres tall.

Director Jiří Menzel
Cast Magda Vášáryová, Jiří Schmitzer, Jaromír Hanzlík, Rudolf Hrušínský, Petr Čepek, Oldřich Vlach, František Řehák
Country Czechoslovakia

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