Lidice - Fall of the Innocent

„Do you really know the locations of the film Lidice - Fall of the Innocent?“

Lidice - Fall of the Innocent

The village Lidice lies in Central Bohemia near Kladno. On maps dating before 1942, you'd find it a few hundred metres away from its current location. It was in that exact year that the village was obliterated and became the first admitted genocide committed by German forces under Hitler. Lidice was only rebuilt after the war. A proper theme for Hollywood screenwriters and a new war horror film? No, sadly, this is horrifying reality.

Despite the raging of WW II, people here lead normal lives of both joys and sorrows, trying to weather the war the best they can. They work, raise families and children, but it's not all roses. Some men indulge in liquor and cheating on their wives, one of them even murders his own son. An unspeakable tragedy then erupts, defying values of humanity, and its loud echo is heard all over the world. Nowadays, in many countries worldwide, you'll find villages and towns of the same name - Lidice. The USA, Brazil, Panama, Mexico. All of them have expressed disapproval of the tragic events that took place in the small village in Central Bohemia.

The closer you get to Lidice, the closer you are to paying your respect to the memory of the 173 men, 15 years and older, who were executed here, the women who were dragged to concentration camps, the children who were unwillingly placed into German families, and all the other victims of the Nazi massacre. The whole village was flattened, erased from the map.  

Lidice - Fall of the Innocent isn't a typical documentary telling the horrors of WW II; it tells the story of the village's common inhabitants. Finding a false bond between Heydrich's assassination and Lidice is not hard work, it only takes a love letter of one of the inhabitants and another vicious wheel of malicious events is put into motion.

The desperate and bitter man, who accidentally killed his own son, would rather be put in front of a wall and shot than be forced to carry such a heavy burden. He craved forgiveness of all the other people, but they faced equal fate. Make sure to visit this place. Pay tribute to all the victims by the monument, a spot where today only silence persists...

Director Petr Nikolaev
Cast Karel Roden, Zuzana Fialová, Roman Luknár, Zuzana Bydžovská, Ondřej Novák, Veronika Kubařová,
Country Czech, Slovakia

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