Where Cinderella kept her hazelnuts

„I will recognize her by this shoe. The one who can wear it will become my wife.“
Trip category On foot
Trip length 14 km
fairyland trip

Where Cinderella kept her hazelnuts

Visit the homestead that was Cinderella's home. The courageous girl, played by the unmistakable actress Libuše Šafránková, lived on one of the most beautiful castles in the country!

An impressive residence lying on water and the beautiful Šumava nature, this is the castle Švihov in the Klatovy region. Are you tempted? No wonder.

Cinderella lived with her stepmother and stepsister Dora on the castle Švihov. Despite the hard times she had experienced here, this was the place of her happy ending. 

The royal escort made a stop in the courtyard and the mean stepmother and Dora pushed their way onto the royal ball. The stable where the prince looked for his bride was transformed into an exhibition hall years later. The lucky Cinderella put on her shoe also in the this yard. 

After you've explored the grand castle, take the Cinderella fairy tale trail. The owl Rosie watched over Cinderella's treasure between Švihov and Mezihoří. The barn, where Cinderella cracked open the magic hazelnuts, no longer exists, though. The pond where the prince followed his love and where Dora and her mother had a rather unwilling swim in the icy water also lies between Ježovy and Mezihoří. The graceful ending scene in which Cinderella and the prince ride off onto the snowy meadows was also filmed near Mezihoří. 

You can walk the trail, as it's not extremely long, or you can ride a bicycle. Do you wish for more? When you get back to Švihov, try the local educational trail. The inner circuit will introduce you to the town's history, the outer leads to Kamýcká Rock, the chateau in Červené Poříčí or the prehistoric fortified settlement Lhovice - Tuhošť. 

However, we recommend you leave your dancing shoes ar home.


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