The delicate mission of James Bond

„Shaken or stirred? Do I look like I give a damn?“
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Trip length 5 km
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The delicate mission of James Bond

The charming Eva Green and dandies Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen met here in the legendary 007 film, this is where the fraudulent waiter made his sprees in the Czech film classic. The Karlovy Vary region simply attracts film productions like flowers attract bees.

This trip provides historical gems as well as a decent portion of world's greatest film superstars. Your expectations are sure to be satisfied.

In Karlovy Vary begin on Lázeňská Street, which Vesper and James Bond visited as well. They strolled around the Neo-Renaissance Mill Colonnade, and when you decide to follow in their footsteps with a cup of hot mineral water, think of the fraudulent waiter Vrána from the Czech film classic Vrchní, prchni!, created by the famous duo Zdeněk Svěrák and Ladislav Smoljak, authors of the genius Jára Cimrman and many Czech cult films. 

Have Bond and Vesper had a sip from the hot spring? No one can tell. What is certain, though, is that Bond had his legendary drink in the Grandhotel Pupp by the poker table. Dry Martini with vodka and a droplet of poison nearly cost him his life. Luckily Vesper saved him, near the hotel by the Imperial Spa (Císařské lázně). In the hotel, Marion Cotillard sang to her fans as Edith Piaf in the film of the same name. For her role of the fabulous chanson singer, the spectacular young actress recieved an Oscar and just about any other possible film award in 2007. 

The legendary James Bond didn't only move around Karlovy Vary while in West Bohemia. He and Vesper also visited Loket nad Ohří and its beautiful historical square, where he parked his unmistakable Aston Martin, and with Mathis they enjoyed a meal in one of the local restaurant gardens. What a brilliant idea! For dessert, you can take a walk to the grand castle. 

This trip is most comfortable by car, however, if you choose to take the train from Karlovy Vary to Loket, give your journey a romantic touch. You can take a canoe on the river Ohří that will take you back to Karlovy Vary. Just a heads up, the voyage might take up four hours of your time. 

All of this sounds great, don't you agree?


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