Around the mountains with Alois Nebel

„The Jeseníky Mountains (not only) from a train window.“
Trip category By bicycle
Trip length 50 km
fateful trip

Around the mountains with Alois Nebel

Small villages covered in mystery, splendid views from Moravia's highest hills and the dreary beauty of the vapoury valleys - this is a journey through the land of Alois Nebel, the broody train dispatcher from an out-of-the-way railway station in the Jeseníky Mountains.

The hills of Jeseníky, everywhere you look. And the railroad! This would be no Nebel trip without Alois' beloved trains.

Let's be frank. The famous station in White Brook (Bílý Potok) is not to be found today, it was never there in the first place. The film-makers used the station in Malá Morávka on the route to Bruntál. The trains don't come here regularly anymore, but sometimes special rides take place. Maybe with some luck you'll have the chance to take a ride on this railroad, unique for its super elevation. In the proximity of the village you'll find Peter's Rocks, emblazoned with legends, and the famous Praděd Hill, so coming here is definitely worth the time.

The authors of the comic were originally inspired by another train station, in Horní Lipová. Here you can visit the small Museum of Silesian Semmering - the most beautiful piece of railroad between Hanušovice and Jeseník, the heart of which is Horní Lipová. Around this village, the tracks lead through several valleys and breath-taking turns.

Take a train to Ramzová, for example, from there walk up to Šerák, a skier's paradise when snow falls. Another point of interest is the nearby village Branná with an educational trail of the same name, a pilgrim's spot Kolštejn with a Mariana spring. The best way to get to the spring is from the road leading from the train station to Banjaluka, a gamekeeper's lodge.

What next? You can go back from Horní Lipová to Jeseník, where this trail is ended. The spa town blends the beauty of historical sites with the elegance of the surrounding nature. The adventure in the Jeseníky Mountains is ideal by car, train or on a bicycle. And the bonus? The mobile app that offers Alois Nebel himself as your guide hides other pleasant surprises.


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