Cycling with the beautiful Maryška

„You can climb a chimney, for all I care.“
Trip category By bicycle
Trip length 81 km
cult trip

Cycling with the beautiful Maryška

And so Maryška and Pepin, the heroes of the film Cutting It Short, climbed the chimney to its very top! Where can it be found? In the Vysočina region. Director Jiří Menzel came to like several towns here, bigger and small. So did the film-makers of the famous fairy tale classic Proud Princess!

The trip is abundant in the poetics created by director Menzel and writer Hrabal, and you will experience it best just like Mrs. manager did - on a bicycle.

Maryška rode her bicycle in the village Počátky. She took Vodičkova Street to meet her hairdresser, and waved her beautiful golden hair goodbye on Palacký Square. Film director Zdeněk Podskalský paid her his compliments by the fountain. The hotel called Modrá hvězda (Blue Star), where Francin complained about the beer temperature, is also found here.   

Before you continue any further in the footsteps of the heroes of Cutting It Short, be sure to visit the nearby town Telč. The local chateau was the royal residence of King Miroslav in one of the most popular Czech fairy tales Proud Princess (Pyšná Princezna). The town, found on the prestigious UNESCO heritage list, also attracted the makers of the British historical series Borgias. You can also make a stop in the basilica of St. Procopius and the Jewish quarter in Třebíč, sights that are also registered on the UNESCO heritage list.  

Now to Dalešice! The local brewery was the home of Francin, his beautiful wife and his noisy brother Pepin. Beer is still being produced here, mind you, and the exposition in the Museum of Austro-Hungarian brewing industry is also dedicated to the golden beverage. A festival called Postřižinské slavnosti is held here yearly. And can you think of a better way to end this trip than with a pint of good cold beer?  

You can begin your trip from Počátky or take the opposite direction from Dalešice, either way it's advised to split it in two days and spend the night in one of the towns registered on the UNESCO heritage list. You can also take a car, but choosing a bicycle instead is well worth it. What do you say?


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