The shining path of Amadeus.

„Follow in the footsteps of the music genius from the Oscar-winning film.“
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The shining path of Amadeus.

Miloš Forman's phenomenal Amadeus, decorated with the total of eight Academy Awards. The tragic story of brilliance, jealousy and envy partly took place in the heart of Prague.

It is said that Amadeus is the last film to have captured Prague before it opened itself to crowds of tourists from around the world. Miloš Forman and the brilliant director of photography Miroslav Ondříček shot one of the most famous films in history in the palaces and streets of Prague's Old Town and Lesser Town. Enjoy an afternoon in the "artistic" style, you can see for yourself just how much has the city changed since the 1980's, when Amadeus was made.

Put your wig on and start off in Železná Street, the setting of one of the oldest European theatres, Prague Estates Theatre. Mozart first introduced his opera Don Giovanni here, both in the film and real life. Just a few steps away, on Husova Street, the main hero experienced yet another twist of fate in his life - he married Constance in St. Giles' Church. Ironically, his funeral took place on the same spot.

Next, take the Legion Bridge over to Kampa Park. Just in front of the bridge, on the corner above café Slavia, you can find AMU (Prague Academy of Performing Arts), a famous film school linked not only to Forman and Ondříček. Perhaps future Oscar-winning filmmakers are just walking out of the building as we speak.

The grass of Kampa Park is soon replaced with typical cobblestone, and here we are in front of St. Nicholas' Church, a setting of the film Blade. You're more likely to meet strolling couples on Nerudova Street rather than vampires; after all, even Mozart walked through the street after one of his parties.

In the Strahov Monastery, you can admire the books and globes that represent the world; perhaps Salieri is plotting of his schemes in the area. Then you can return back to the Prague Castle. You might bump into Good Soldier Švejk in one of the narrow streets, a man in a mask running through Thunovská Street, or a couple of marching soldiers. The area around the castle has always been lively.

Now only a few more metres and we've reached our destination, the Wallenstein Palace, where Mozart, when he was just a little boy, performed his genius music to the pope himself. Can you hear the tunes? It's said that even the white peacocks in the gardens enjoyed them back in the day.

The sceneries and backdrops from the legendary film are easily reachable on foot in just one afternoon. Whether you're a fan of history, architecture, or you just enjoy nice walks, you're up for a good time. It's true that time has stopped in several spots of the city, and the magical old Prague is still waiting to put its spell on you if you look in the right places.


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