The fateful walk with Kopfrkingl and Kolya

„Just don't start crying, okay? I'm not exactly in raptures myself that you're here. One night and you'll go to the gravedigger.“
Trip category On foot
Trip length 5 km
fateful trip

The fateful walk with Kopfrkingl and Kolya

Masterpieces awarded with Czech Lions and Oscars. Tragic, dark and humourously ironic destinies. All of them are found in the brilliant films that were partly shot in the heart of Prague.

A walk around the streets of Prague will be appreciated by many, and film lovers especially. You will be in company of the Oscar-winning Kolya and walk through places where dramas The Cremator and Protektor were filmed.

Let's start in the Vinohrady cemetery. This is where musician Louka, portrayed by Zdeněk Svěrák, obtained a rather interesting deal offer. In the Strašnice crematory just a stone's throw away, Mr Kopfrkingl spoilt his son's life, and on Vinohradská Street stands the Czech radio building where Emil, the main protagonist of the film Protektor, worked. He, on the contrary, was doing his best to save his Jewish wife. 

Follow the filmmakers' tracks to the grand Wenceslas Square. Stop by the monument of Jan Palach by the fountain at the National Museum building. His life and heroic sacrifice is told in the film Burning Bush, directed by the world famous Agnieszka Holland. The tragic scene was filmed in Střešovice, the museum building was added later in the post-production works. Twenty years later the square experienced the euphoria of the Velvet Revolution. Even Louka and little Kolya attended one of the demonstrations in the film. The two of them also attended a police interrogation in Bartolomějská Street, the headquarters of the secret police StB. Emil from Protektor was questioned in Pečkárna, on the corner with the street Politických vězňů. 

Where to next? Cross the Charles Bridge to the street Lázeňská, where Louka lived in one of the preserved towers of Lesser Town. The best for last - Petřín Park. The film trail will lead you here as well, as Louka and Kolya walked these paths. The views over Prague from the hill are a delicious reward. 

You'll surely manage this trip on foot. Just make sure to save enough time. It's not ruled out that you won't be diverted on your way, as Prague has so much to offer in other places as well. If you happen to get lost, no need to feel sorry.


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