In the footsteps of the brave František

„Who replaced their fates, shuffled their cards and cast their dice? Who did?“
Trip category On foot
Trip length 6 km
fateful trip

In the footsteps of the brave František

The phenomenal performance of Radoslav Brzobohatý and the impressively depicted tragedy of Czech countryside at the turn of 1940's and 1950's. This is the excellent film All My Compatriots directed by Vojtěch Jasný. Follow in the footsteps of the steadfast František and other film heroes.

The film was partly shot in a town called Bystré. The path of the compatriots might attract hikers who will appreciate walking on the foothills of the Orlické Mountains.

Start your journey at the local lime works, where organist Otčenáš was murdered. In the nearby Bystré, have a good look at the square Na Podkově - this was a roundup spot, and Jořka Pyřk's, one of the characters, homestead stood here, in the house numbered 29. The town hall is found nearby, as well as the cemetery where the widow burried her husbands - all of them died prematurely and under strange circumstances. 

Be sure not to miss out the Church of John the Baptist. Sadly, the local manor is closed for the public. However, you choose from two educational trails, the longer one of which begins right by the tree of the compatriots. This was the resting spot for the tiddly film heroes who slept underneath at sunrise. How to get there? Take the road from the church and the narrow passage between the houses, then continue on the touristic trail leading to the village Sulkovec to the forest Panský les. The famous tree stands alone in the field, still as spectacular as in the film. 

The trail is ideal for a longer walk. Even with refreshments and a moment of peace underneath the famous tree, you will easily make it in one day. Enjoy!


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