On the wine trail

„Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Mikulov region.“
Trip category By bicycle
Trip length 100 km
family trip

On the wine trail

South Moravia is great! It's also Grapes. Famous comedies were filmed in the surroundings of Mikulov, so get your bicycle ready and experience the wine region with all your senses.

Be sure to book at least a weekend for exploring the wine region, or even better a whole vacation. You will be mesmerized by all the beautiful things it has to offer, from picturesque villages to delicious wine.

It's possible to begin just about anywhere you please. A good choice is the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Ladscape, where scenes were filmed by the Temple of Apollo, the colonnade in Rajstno or in Valtice. Riding through one of the largest artificial landscapes in the world protected by UNESCO will take some time. However, the reward hidden in the magnificent secluded spots will be sweet. The makers of the film Grapes didn't leave out Mikulov. The Holy Hill (Svatý kopeček) was the setting of the film wedding! The way from Klentice to Mikulov offers splendid views onto the hill Stolova hora and this is where Jirka and Honza enjoyed their carefree times in their car. 

Interested in the largest wine region in the Czech Republic? It's called Velké Bílovice. The chapel appearing in the film can be found between the town Velké Bílovice and Čejkovice. You'll have good times in the nearby village Vrbice, especially with a glass of wine. The film shows several of the local wine cellars. Uncle František lived on the edge of the village Zaječí, on a street of a telling name - Vinařská (Wine Street). 

It would be no trip without a bit of refreshment. In this case, it's all clear. Soak your feet in Nové Mlýny, the giant hydroelectric dam. On one of its banks, in Mušov, you'll notice another one of the film churches. The boys then ran out of petrol on the road from Mikulov to Pasohlávky, somewhere between the first and the second reservoir. Dolní Věstonice, where Klárka's boyfriend ran a guest house, lies on the southern bank of the middle reservoir. This place is also connected with another beauty, the Venus of Dolní Věstonice. The romantic ruins of the Girls Castle (Dívčí hrady) rise above the village as well, and haven't escaped the film-makers' attention either. 

The wine trip is best experienced on a bicycle. The region is larded with cycling trails and Moravian Wine Trails will take you through most of the locations mentioned above. 

We wish you a pleasant journey and good weather!


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