The magical Jeseníky Mountains

„Discovering bloody moments of history.“
Trip category By bicycle
Trip length 60 km
mysterious trip

The magical Jeseníky Mountains

Director Otakar Vávra filmed his classic Witches' Hammer right on the crime scene. The picture was shot in Velké Losiny where the actual horrifying witch trials took place many centuries ago. The mountain region doesn't hide only the tracks of the cruel past, there are many beautiful sites worth visiting as well.

Velké Losiny is bewitching. The small spa town amidst the mountains looks quite inconspicuous, but don't be mistaken, it's abundant in interesting things. You can begin your journey on the local castle, where the inquisitor told the countess that witches were dwelling on her estate. Be sure not to miss the local rarity - the manual paper-mill, over 400 years old and still operating. One of the first victims of the witch trials was the wife of the local papermaker himself, Barbora Göttlicherová.

From Losiny you can drive to the nearby Sobotín. The witch hunt began in the Church of St. Lawrence (kostel sv. Vavřince), you can also visit a monument commemorating its victims. You are then welcome to hop on your bicycle, your car or take a bus, ride about ten kilometers and visit Karlova Studánka, another splendid small spa town. It's situated right below Praděd, the highest mountain in the region. Peter's Rocks (Petrovy kameny) are found close by, immersed in countless legends - it's said witch sabbats took place here in times of the trials. Nowadays, you can look forward to beautiful views and admire Praděd, the picturesque valley of rivers Divoká Desná and Bílá Opava, or the unique water power plant in the village Dlouhá stráň. 

Be sure to book at least a weekend for this trip. In this case, it would simply be great shame to hurry.


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