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The Devil's Ruse

South Bohemia



The exhibits in the museum are over a century old. For some, however, one of them is not a long-forgotten legend. What do the torn pages of the Devil’s Bible really contain? The Devil’s Ruse. The investigation of ritual murders is in full flow.

Codex Gigas. In all respects a unique book. A meter high and weighing 75 kilogrammes, you’re not going to read it on the tram. The largest manuscript in the world is an attempt to summarise an entire library in one book. The original is found in Stockholm but you can at least peruse a copy.

If you aren’t scared off by the picture of the devil with the green head between two columns, why not take in other exhibits. They are focused on geology, palaeontology and prehistoric settlements. The museum is located in a chateau that was previously a bishops’ residence.


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