St. Margaret's Church in Podlažice

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The Devil's Ruse

South Bohemia


St. Margaret's Church in Podlažice

The archaeologists uncover several graves in front of the church in Podlažice. However, more dead bodies start appearing and they're not all centuries old. Will the criminalists solve the murder cases connected to satanic symbolism? Or is it all just The Devil's Ruse?

In reality, skeletons of monks were discovered here, as well as ones of women and children. A Benedictine monastery used to be standing here in the past. The largest medieval manuscript Codex Gigas, or the Devil's Bible, was written in it. However, the monastery was destroyed by the Hussites, and the book was seized by the Swedes.

It would be false to say that everything was taken away. Later, St. Margaret's Church was built on the site. An educational trail leads here, beginning in the village Chrast nearby, then continuing through the picturesque valley along the river Žejbro, all the way to Vrbatův Kostelec. You'll notice the two pointy towers of the local church from the distance. Just make sure not to come here when the sky is all orange and red. At that point, please don't disturb, a satanic ritual is just taking place.


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