Palacký Bridge

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Palacký Bridge

The third oldest preserved bridge in Prague has gone through quite a bit of history. Albert Einstein walked over it when he was professor in the town, it was decorated with original statues made by Josef Myslbek, and it witnessed the filming of the Hollywood blockbuster xXx.

The stone bridge, originally built in the tricolour combination from blue granite, white marble and red sandstone, connects Podskalí on the right bank of the river Vltava and Smíchov on the left one. On your way from the Palacký Bridge, make sure to visit the river bank called Náplavka, a place of frequent markets, cultural events and popular destinations of both locals and tourists.

In the film xXx, even Vin Diesel flew over the bridge. An American parachute over his head, emotional music to go along with it and a rope hooked to a motorboat passing underneath the bridge. A dangerous scene full of action. In the film it all turned out alright, but the film crew witnessed a sad incident. The experienced stuntman Harry O'Connor, Diesel's stand-in, killed himself on the spot. He wasn't satisfied with his first attempt, so he requested another try which sadly proved fatal for him. The film decided to leave the scene in, as a tribute to the famous stunt performer.


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