Vranov nad Dyjí - Town

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Vranov nad Dyjí - Town

The Baroque castle, looking over Vranov nad Dyjí, was chosen as the backdrop of the main group of terrorists. This Moravian town doesn't actually lie at the foot of the Alpine massive like in the film xXx, it's just another example of what film fiction is capable of.

The film xXx shows not only the dramatic background of mountain tops covered with snow; this was added digitally. The position of the town was changed as well - in reality, it lies in South Moravia, but the main hero Triple X makes it there from Prague in less than an hour.

Vranov nad Dyjí is a pilgrimage and touristic town, found along the meandering riverbed of Dyje. The town is a popular destination for its many trails and pathways, either for tourists on bicycles or without them. Visitors who enjoy water shouldn't miss out on the nearby Vranov artificial lake, nicknamed the Moravian Adriatic.


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