Chateau Měšice

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Alois Nebel

Central Bohemia

Chateau Měšice

Life isn't easy. Either you get locked down here of your own volition, or you'll be put on a straitjacket and brought here in an ambulance. Let's assume, though, that you've come here on your own, because you were simply interested in the late Baroque.

It was in the chateau in Měšice that the lightning conductor in Czech lands was first erected in 1775. It could be one of the reasons why this private medical facility is a favourite film backdrop for asylums and hospitals. In the film Alois Nebel, the main protagonist hides in its interiors, later trying to establish conversation with another character, The Mute, in the pavilion. Don't go looking for the pavilion, though, or the drive way or the mountains in the background - all this was added later into the picture in the post-production process.


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