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All My Compatriots

South Bohemia



No village can do without a pub. It's the centre of events, both local and other, and an important source of information. This is where people pick up on news and pass on their experience. Some come here to dance and sing, others to numb their sorrow, and visitors can find refreshment here and recover their strength.

Director Vojtěch Jasný chose the town of Bystré, because the surroundings and the main square reminded him of Kelč, his home town, an inspiration for the film All My Compatriots. The pub on the village square has been there since 19th century, and was renamed to the pub U Vola for filming purposes.

This is where the villagers ended their carnival dance and started philosophizing on life over a shot of homemade spirit. The multicolored costumes bear certain meaning, as colour itself plays a big part in the film. Vojtěch Jasný and costume designer Ester Krumbachová gave birth to a colourful script, in which different shades represent given destinies and events.


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