Tree of the compatriots

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Tree of the compatriots

The sun rises, slowly waking the village into another day. The sound of a rooster crowing in the distance cuts through the silent morning, the leaves of an aged maple are painted in gold by the early sun rays, and the compatriots are opening their eyes. If you wish to lie down in the cooling shade underneath a tree like they did, walk to the Němcův Hill.

In your search of the tree of the compatriots, you'll take the same pathway they walked on as they were returning home from the previous night's merry party. You'll take the green trail towards the Panský Forest and will hit a back road - it was the one the film bunch of high-spirited friends staggered on.

Stop for a moment as you walk and enjoy the view of the lonely tree atop the hill. Your mind will picture human figures walking, in the serenity of the surrounding landscape, with sun rising behind their backs. Many new changes are still ahead of them, but they're greeting the new day with optimism. When you reach the tree of the compatriots, look below, the town of Bystré will lie open beautifully, all just for you.


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