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All My Compatriots

South Bohemia



Just outside Bystré, south of the town, you will find its cemetery. This is where the life’s journey of the film Jořka Pyřk ended. He had a prototype in reality – with the same unfortunate end.

A crowd of people in black. Bystré’s church tower and town hall loom behind them. Their faces betray sadness. A coffin is draped in white flowers and a few final words of farewell are uttered. Reddened eyes and the odd tear. A band begins to play a funeral melody and Jořka begins his final journey. We’ll never forget.

Immerse yourself in the silence and poetry of tombstones. Glory and transience become one in the graveyard. Jořka could have been a famous inventor if he’d been born in a different era. Now he is in eternal repose as one of the compatriots.


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