Former lime factory

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All My Compatriots

South Bohemia


Former lime factory

There are moments in life when we wish we'd arrive somewhere a minute later or a minute earlier. We'd want to be at a different place at the exact same moment. Sometimes, you simply can't avoid the question - what leads our steps? Is it fate or coincidence? Maybe we'll never know, just like postman Bertina never did in All My Compatriots.

A winded road leads between the village Nyklovice and Bystré, and if you take a walk, you can see the chimney and furnace remains from a former lime plant from it. This is where the road ended for the postman in the film. Ask yourself a question together with the narrator: "What's the difference between a roe deer and a man? How easy it is to target and kill." The silent deserted quarry is just perfect for contemplations on human destiny.

The character of Bertina was inspired by an actual postman in the village Kelč, an alleged informant of the State Security (secret police) who collaborated in the arrest of the local priest František. When he arrived to the agreed spot to claim reward, he only had lethal gunshots waiting for him.


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