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All My Compatriots

South Bohemia



On today’s square Na Podkově in Bystré, just a few steps from the church, you will find the building where the scene in which the communists took over farms was filmed. They are turned into a cooperative 'for everybody'. Whether they like it or not.

All My Compatriots is not just a critique of ruthless nationalization, it is also an indictment of the unscrupulous opportunists who made it possible. It is clear that the film smallholder Zejval wants to acquire without effort that which belongs to others. The farmer Kurfiřt is forced to leave his land just because he has the biggest homestead in the village.

This portrait placed Vojtěch Jasný ahead of the times because property confiscation, collectivisation and expulsions were not discussed openly until the 1990s. Today the situation is different and the building in Bystré is a graphic illustration of that.


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