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Town Hall

Big history has again impacted small history; all eight compatriots have experienced that themselves. The troubled times have divided once inseparable friends. Some have seized the chance to get ahead without scruple while others have stayed true to their principles.

It is a stone’s throw from the Church of St. John the Baptist in Bystré to the local town hall. It was just here that the new communist leadership was based and established a National Committee. The organist Otčenáš became party chairman, crofter Zejvala chairman of the minority co-operative and foreman Máčala municipal secretary.

Pause a while in front of the renovated 15th century building with a typical onion tower. Do you see the three of them, proudly leaving the town hall puffed up with newfound power? This is a mere harbinger of things to come. Collectivisation, arrests and ruthless destruction of all who dare disagree or express opposition.


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