Main railway station

The main railway station in Prague is one of the most outstanding historic sights in Art Nouveau style in the Czech Republic. Its modern part has recently undergone reconstruction and got a fresh look, swarming with life. Hopefully the same destiny awaits the adjoining park called Sherwood.

This is a place where opposites meet. Shop windows of luxurious stores serve as background, in front of which the strangest of characters bustle around. Take Edward Norton as The Illusionist, dashing by the station and accidentally bumping into Scotty from the film Eurotrip. Agent Hanaway from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol passes his time by playing the public piano in the ground hall, before he steals the codes to the nuclear weapons. You're welcome to try it yourself, the piano, of course. If you see someone filming you onto their cell phone, beware not to have all the energy sucked out of you, like in the case of the protagonist in Akumulátor I, one of the first full-length films of Jan Svěrák, an Oscar-winning Czech director. Speaking of heroes, it's impossible to leave out Sir Winton and the film All My Loved Ones (Všichni moji blízcí). A monument honoring the saviour of 669 Jewish children is found on platfrom one.

Painful departures and arrivals are this place's peculiarity. Alois Nebel could tell you stories about this, as he finally meets the woman who isn't a stickler for plain words. You won't find Mrs Květa sitting in the booth in the local restrooms, but you might spot her enjoying her cake in the newly reconstructed Fanta's Café (Fantova kavárna). You will be amazed by the view of the breathtaking Art Nouveau cupola. Did you know that the coat of arms of all towns, for which the trains have departed in the past, are depicted on the cupola? How many would have been there today?


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