Rajstno Colonnade

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Rajstno Colonnade

The Rajstno Colonnade is part of the the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape. You are sure to amaze your friends by noting, just like a Classicist expert, that this here is a gloriette. What is? The majestic columnar construction in the park.

In the film Grapes, Honza (Kryštof Hádek) drives by on his way to the airport, where he's taking his grandfather to put him on a plane to Argentina. At last he can please the old man by sending him for a holiday abroad. When Johann I Joseph, Prince of Liechtenstein, wanted to do a similar thing two centuries earlier, he had this monument built for his family. It's also documented with a sign in German: "Son to Father, Brother to Brothers." Times change, deeds remain.

The construction designed by Joseph Hardtmuth, inventor of the modern-day pencil, serves as a lookout. Since its location is in proximity of the Austrian border, only border guards used it after WW II.


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