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Three Wishes for Cinderella

East Bohemia



If you have a beautiful mysterious woman running away from your ball on a horse sleigh, what do you do? You follow her. All the way up to the local pond. But beware, you're in for a surprise - this isn't the girl you were hoping to find, it's her mean stepsister.

The dam, strengthened by strong roots of ancient oak trees, preserves its old-world impression. It's into this pond that other smaller streams from the surroundings run into. You'll easily recognize the spot where the sleigh dropped out the two women deceivers, the new little bridge to the sluice-gate will show you. You can walk here or ride your bicycle. It's advised not to take a  sleigh or coach.

If you like swimming in cold waters and are a hardy kind of person, you won't hesitate to come here in winter and try it out, as did Dorothy and her evil mother. Others will probably wait until summertime - it might not look the same as it did in the fairy tale, but the water will be pleasantly warm.


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