Zítkovy Gardens

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Zítkovy Gardens

Film crooks Honza and Jirka are scheming again. The innocent handover of wine in the parliament turns into another fraud - a holiday in Argentina. What needs to be done for this? Fax a plane ticket request on the right kind of headed notepaper.

The screenwriters of the film Grapes found inspiration with a real-life fraud Lukáš Kohout who travelled the whole world as a fake assistant to a member of parliament. Honza and Jirka send their grandfather to enjoy South America and they themselves head out to Moravia.

In the film, they both sit on the staircase, their backs to the building. The building in question is also not the parliament; it's the Ministry of Health. The area in front of Zítkovy Gardens is much more interesting. When the weather is in favour, the Rašín River Bank becomes swarming with people and cultural events.


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