East Bohemia



An old barn to some, a shelter for Cinderella against her evil stepmother. Rosie the owl makes her company here with her mute face, but Cinderella is tempted to see the world beyond. Sadly, she hasn't got any decent clothes for that.

Would you like a feather hat, a crossbow and a jerkin? Drop a  hazelnut onto the ground and see what happens. Fancy a dress with a  trail, embroidered with silver threads? No problem. Luckily the wagoner has brought three hazelnuts. You can find a lot of old and interesting things in the attic, unfortunately a perfect dress isn't one of them. It was all the more to Cinderella's surprise to find one just like that coming from a simple nut.

Since her and the prince have been living their happy lives in a castle, the barn is nowadays a home to new tenants, who have reconstructed the farm house into a summer cottage. Only Rosie, the owl, is most likely flying around somewhere.


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