Ježovy u Švihova

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Three Wishes for Cinderella

East Bohemia

Ježovy u Švihova

"How many ells of velvet and how many of satin was I supposed to buy?", this is what Vincek, the local servant portrayed by Vladimír Menšík, was probably thinking during a nap on his driver's seat on the way to the town market. It also took him a while to realize just what treasure had just dropped into his lap. Three hazelnuts. For Cinderella.

Here, on a forest road of Šumava, the fairy tale Three Wishes for Cinderella of Czech-German coproduction was filmed. Germany's only a stone's throw away. Or an arrow's shot? No. The prince and the pages, who ran away from their class, aimed their arrows at different targets. A seemingly ordinary bird nest.

Meanwhile the young gentlemen indulged in a good time, Cinderella was working. She had to wash the laundry in a stream, in ice-cold water. It isn't certain which of the local streams was the one in question. Maybe you'll have more luck finding it.


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