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Three Wishes for Cinderella

East Bohemia



"... let have all birds that which you've sown." It isn't certain that the birch tree in the song by Karel Gott is the one where Cinderella used to ride her horse to. You are nevertheless welcome to look for any bird nests.

It isn't as easy to climb an apple tree here as it used to be. They're much taller nowadays then they were during the film shooting. It might be due to the fact that they are no longer pruned by Vincek, the local servant.

You won't find the barn in which Rosie the owl hid the magical hazelnuts. It's a good thing that the orchard itself was preserved. The prince once said he'd rather cut down trees than dance at balls. This was before he met Cinderella at one of them. Who knows, it could have been these exact trees to suffer from the damage. Then you'd have difficulties finding the famous film spot halfway between the villages Švihov and Mezihoří.


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