Adršpach Rocks

Diamond Road

Films shot here

The Third Prince

South Bohemia

Adršpach Rocks

Diamond Road

Where are all the men of the kingdom? On the field? No. In the pub? Not there either. They're all in the rocks, looking for diamonds! Meanwhile, princes are looking for their enchanted brothers here. Don't be misled by the glittering treasure under your feet. Diamonds are eternal.

Although it's just a blind sandy alley, it is frequently visited. Why is that? It's fully strewn with precious stones, which is why it's advised not to walk around barefoot. If you happen to find a diamond, you could spoil the excitement for yourself after realizing that its ruby colour was a mere bloodstain.

If you look close enough, maybe you'll be lucky to find a little something left behind by the filmmakers of the Third Prince. And if that rock you're looking at appears shiny, be sure to examine it properly. Who knows, maybe this is your entrance into the unknown.


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