Adršpach Rocks

Porter Rock (Vrátný)

Films shot here

The Third Prince

East Bohemia

Adršpach Rocks

Porter Rock (Vrátný)

Knowing your way around mountain passes is no piece of cake, more so if you're a prince and you're competing with a princess. How on earth did she manage to get ahead of you, when only a while ago she was trotting far behind you? Is she lead by the heart beat that is heard here? Is she using GPS? Does she have a twin sister?

The passes, those famous narrow pathways in the Adršpach Rocks, which made the prince's horse so nervous, while overwhelming the cameraman of The Third Prince. Whatever the emotion, their reaction was the same - they kept on spinning on the spot, both the camera and the horse.

Don't worry; you can walk through the maze without getting lost as the prince did. You won't find a sword stuck in a rock to help you show the way, but simple tourist mark will do just fine. The ladders will easily get you to the spots for which the stuntmen for actor Pavel Trávníček prepared special bindings.


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