Adršpach Rocks


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The Third Prince

East Bohemia

Adršpach Rocks


Instead of lost sheep, showing you the way to the Diamond Road, you are most likely to meet visitors climbing the Lovers (Milenci), the highest and the most beautiful rock formation in the region. If you're not a fan of climbing, don't worry, you won't miss out on admiring the shapes of the rocks, they're as breath-taking from the ground as they are from the height.

The national preserve of the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks has been formed over thousands of years by erosion. Today, you can find 70 rock formations here, some of them up to 90 metres high. They were also given poetic names such as Giant's Armchair (Krakonošova lenoška), Sugar Loaf (Homole cukru) or Elephant Square (Sloní náměstí). While you stroll around, try to guess which name belongs to which formation.

You may also try and find the place where prince Jaromír from the fairy tale The Third Prince was cast under a spell. Back then all you could see was his sword. Maybe you'll find the exact rock by following the sound of a heartbeat.


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