Adršpach Rocks

Sand Quarry

East Bohemia

Adršpach Rocks

Sand Quarry

When prince Velen from the fairy tale The Prince and the Evening Star passes through here on his way to the castle of the evil Mrakomor, he's forbidden to look back. Luckily, you're not in a hurry to rescue princesses, so feel free to look around all you like, you'll see things that prince Velen missed out on. The reward will surely be the view onto one of the most beautiful rock pools in the Czech Republic.

You can wander around the pool and breathe in the beauty of the surrounding nature. You can basically do anything that prince Velen's brothers-in-law forbade him to do. However, one prohibition is valid for everybody - the pool is part of the natural preserve, so no swimming is allowed.

The local flooded sandstone quarry served as a backdrop in numerous films and series. Just wait to see it in person, you'll immediately understand why. Place the camera where you please, you're always guaranteed a beautiful shot. The grips crew can take a break, since there's not much of work left for them to do - the fairy tale-like atmosphere is omnipresent and works its own magic.

The trail around the pool is 1.5 kilometres long, but if you don't feel like walking around the water, it's possible to cross it - faltboats are rented here. This is where the merchants in the fairy tale The Third Prince offered the prince decorated saddles and good advice. You, however, don't need to saddle up a horse to get here; the train station is just a few hundreds of metres away from the pool.

In the BBC series The Three Musketeers, the main protagonists spent some time here as well. Aramis, overwhelmed by the surrounding nature, proclaimed to have found paradise. Why don't you find out the truth for yourself?


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