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Dark Blue World

Central Bohemia



Yes, two Czech pilots decided to flee this town and head for England to help fight Germans who were occupying the Czechoslovak land. In 2001, Dark Blue World was filmed in Kácov.

The main film heroes spent their last moments in Kácov driving over the iron bridge, and actually, at this point, they nearly touched British ground. This is a British-made construction that was used mainly during WW II. It was named after Donald Bailey, a British engineer, and the bridge played a small part in the film Habermann's Mill, directed by Juraj Herz.

The film deals with post-war subjects. The times back then offered people two choices - to join one side, or the other. Only the strongest ones managed to stay above it all. Or decided to stay in the pub instead? The year that Dark Blue World was filmed, the local brewery restarted its beer production, making around 20 000 hectolitres a year.


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