Hradčany Airport

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Hradčany Airport

Former military airport Hradčany that had the role of a British airbase in the film Dark Blue World lies a few kilometres north-west of Ralsko, a military training area with noisy history.

In the film, the area is bombed by the Germans, causing similar commotion like when the young pilot Vojtíšek was telling his good friend Vrána about his new love. In 1945, the airport witnessed an actual air raid that was ironically caused by the Allied Forces. The runway has long been rid of the roaring of fighter planes, but the airport is sure worth a visit. Also, make sure not to miss out on the nearby Máchovo Lake (Máchovo jezero), named after the greatest poet of the Czech Romanticism period, Karel Hynek Mácha. It's actually the biggest pond in North Bohemia and was made by Charles IV. The beautiful nature of this region will keep your heart warm just like lifelong friendships.


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