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Šilheřovice is a village north of Ostrava, but in some ways it strongly resembles an English countryside. A large park serving as a golf course could prove this fact. Another one is that Dark Blue World, a film about Czech pilots in the services of Royal Air Force during WW II, was also filmed in the village.

In the film, Šilheřovice represented a village in England. When you take Sokolská Street by the chateau park, you will soon spot a typical British stone house standing near a small intersection, where the two main heroes made acquaintance with (and later wooed) the lovely Susan. The house has undergone reconstruction since the filming, but you'll surely feel the atmosphere of English countryside during the war every time you visit and recollect the film scenes. A yellow trail leads by the Šilheřovice Chateau, and it will take you to Landek Park, a cultural and sport area - with the largest exposition on mining in the Czech Republic, offering its visitors to visit the underground pits - and a national natural monument Landek with protected forest fauna, unique geological objects and archaeological excavation sites.


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