Mírov Castle

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Mírov Castle

The Mírov Castle belongs to the oldest residences found in Moravia, but you don't want to get to know this historical sight from the inside. Today, it serves as a maximum security prison, one of the strictest in the Czech Republic.

It is from here that František Sláma (Ondřej Vetchý), a political prisoner of the communist regime, is telling his story from the war in the film Dark Blue World. Mírov really did serve this purpose and the brutality shown in the film had actually been common reality. Many inmates died due to bad treatment and insufficient health care. "Your only way out of here will be on a cadaveric barrow", says the tough warden in the film. He was right. The only prisoner to have ever managed to escape the castle walls was Jiří Kajínek, the most famous Czech inmate. We suggest you enjoy the historical architecture from the outside.


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