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Central Bohemia


Grandpa's cottage, that's where petty crook Honza (Kryštof Hádek) thinks of going first after his getaway from Prague. In reality, the house isn't located in South Moravia as the film shows it, but only a few kilometres from the capital city, in a village called Mořinka.

The house that appears in the film is the very first one in the village, with number 1 on its facade. You will easily recognize it by the antlers in the gable and the grapevine behind the fence. Well, winegrowers can be found in Central Bohemia as well. If you spot a red Citroën 2CV in front of the house, it will be certain that Honza never returned to Prague and stayed in the village with Klára. The sequence, 2Grapes, was also filmed here.

The village Mořinka belonged to Karlstein in the Middle Ages. A castle called Karlík used to stand nearby, of which only the remains can be found today. Back then, it served as an advance fort for its more famous neighbour.


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