Kostnice Square

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Kostnice Square

If you've never been to Žižkov in Prague, your life is missing a piece. The atmosphere here is saturated with manifold student life and art. In no other quarter in the city will you find equal concentration of clubs, cafés and bars. The Žižkov freight railway station and its architectural impact, the Aero film theatre (who knows, you might find The Cremator on the programme), city parks like Parukářka or Riegrovy Sady, or Vítkov, place of the Battle of Vítkov Hill. Aren't you familiar with these places? Well, you should change that!

There's a bit of something for everybody. The city centre is only a stone's throw away, yet the quarter still preserves its very own spirit. Uphill or downhill, the streets seem to be running in chaotic order. Houses built in the Art Nouveau style, reconstructed or flaking off are on every corner. In these houses you'll find the magical apartments with extremely high ceilings.

The Cremator lived in one of such apartments with his family - if you decide to go to Žižkov, visit Kostnice Square and look for a corner building with a metal sculpture of a face. This is where Mr Kopfrkingl explained the importance of German language for the future to his son. The passers-by had no idea what was coming. Look around. Who knows what's on other people's minds.


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