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The Cremator

South Bohemia



If you like the tranquillity and the melancholy of cemeteries, make sure not to miss the one in Pardubice. If you're also a fan of horror films, consider it a must. This is no pet cemetery we're talking about. Wonder if Mr Kopfrkingl himself hasn't included it in his great plans of his new future.

The peace, the smell of fading flowers, tombstones as artworks and the chubby little angels and doves everywhere. Lists of names of photographs, destinies chiselled out into stone. So many forgotten stories. One of the graves might belong to the Cremator. You're familiar with his story, and it wasn't a happy one, to be honest. You can follow in his footsteps to where he and his son Mili walked around the cemetery, heading towards their inevitable fate. You'll find other people whose lives and actions managed to break the silence of their own tombstone; one of them is Jan Kašpar, the first Czech aviator.


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