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The Cremator

South Bohemia



The crematorium in Pardubice is sometimes called the House of Light or the Temple of Death. The latter name was used by the place's most famous employee - the cremator Mr. Kopfrkingl. The building doesn't look extremely gloomy; on the contrary, the Art Deco style makes it appear rather joyful and cheerful.

The Cubist building doesn't strike you as gloomy and sombre at first sight. You wouldn't think it could provide the right kind of atmosphere for director Juraj Herz and his psychological horror film. But look closer. Playful colours are in high contrast with funeral symbols and fatalistic pieces of text. In this sense, the crematorium reminds us of the main character of the film. He, too, had his light and dark sides. It looks like this man and the building were simply made to exist together from the very start.

The monumental size of the building reminds man of his mortality, his subtle existence. The crematorium's construction was supported by the Czech Association of friends of cremation. Had Mr Kopfrkingl been an actual living person, he would no doubt be its chairman.


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