Former grocery shop

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The Snowdrop Festival

Central Bohemia


Former grocery shop

You might have a hard time trying to find the former grocery shop in Kersko. What used to be a store then is today a neat family house. The signboard has disappeared, the facade has changed noticeably. The house is concealed behind full-grown bushes and is separated from the public road by a fence.

In 1934, the owner of the local forest divided his land into right-angled alleys and sold the plots of ground to private buyers. The numbering of the alleys back then was inspired by the New York borough of Manhattan - west of the main Kersko "avenue", the alleys received odd numbers, the east ones were marked with even numbers. The building of the cottage settlement was free to begin.

In the film The Snowdrop Festival, neighbours meet outside the shop and pass their time in the line by solving a quiz about which local flower is most beautiful. Sadly, the image of the former grocery shop in Kersko has been preserved only on film.


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