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Restaurant Hájenka

Restaurant Hájenka lies in a place from which you can take the Educational trail of Bohumil Hrabal. It will lead you through the National park Kersko and by Hrabal's former cottage. You'll see here a scenic pond or a sandstone menhir. What other landmarks are worth seeing? It's best to visit and be surprised on the spot.

Make sure to take the trip in the footsteps of writer Bohumil Hrabal. However, also make sure to take it easy and have lunch on your way. As the actors couldn't agree on whether wild boar tastes better with rose hip sauce or sauerkraut, you might also encounter difficult choices from the menu. Both options are delicious here. Add some beer from the Postřižiny brewery and you'll be in heaven.

Most of the story in the film takes place in the restaurant or its surroundings. If you happen to have seen the picture, then no matter where you go here, most of the scenes will come back to you in an instant. Gamekeepers bring a shot boar to the restaurant, and together with the innkeeper they pay tribute to the dead animal with a snifter. Glutton Karel smokes sausages (and it's no secret how that will end up). "Master" Leli opens the beer barrel. The feast has officially started... In Kersko, in the Nymburk region, you'll surely experience many of your own moments, as many local events are being organized in the area. For example, in the end of springtime every year, an original forest festival named Hrabal's Kersko (Hrabalovo Kersko) takes place here,


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