St. Joseph mineral spring

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The Snowdrop Festival

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St. Joseph mineral spring

As intended in the First Czechoslovak Republic, the period that begun by the proclamation of independance in 1918 and ended on the eve of WW II in 1938, Kersko was supposed to become a spa municipality with a hotel, a swimming pool and a mineral spring. The grandious plan was eventually not executed. Is it a shame? Who knows how the spa tourism would affect the peaceful little town. The mineral spring, however, still wells out here today.

Make sure not to leave out the St. Joseph mineral spring during your visit in Kersko. Just a heads up, don't go looking for it on its original spot, as it was moved a bit further, by the main road. In 1985, two years after the film The Snowdrop Festival was filmed, the water well underwent considerable restoration. A new pleasant resting place was brought to life. A bench was added to the roofed spring, just inviting for a relaxed moment of peace. Fill your cup with the clear water, give it a taste and breathe in the smell of strapping pine trees. You can meet some of the locals by the spring - they call the water "kerka".


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