Road 3308

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The Snowdrop Festival

Central Bohemia


Road 3308

Autumn in Kersko, bathed in the sea of magically colourful treetops, invites lovers of mushroom picking for its velvet caps sticking proudly out of the ground, and dreamers for the misty white birch trees dancing in the wind. But what's all this beauty compared to a challenge to a heroic fight? Real men were born to hunt!

A family afternoon. A man is watching the surrounding autumn nature with satisfaction - Mr. Franc took his family out for a trip on a tractor trailer. The idyll, however, is soon interrupted by a challenge one simply has to accept. In the corn field, his friends from the hunting fellowship are trying to put down a wild swine. The heart of a man is the heart of a hunter.

Fields all around and a road among them. Dark woods in the distance. A tractor on the narrow road, with a child and two furious women and no one in the driver's seat. The man simply followed to where his heart lead him.

Take the road that Mr. Franc took with his family. Enjoy the environment. Keep an eye on your driver!


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