House of Mr. Franc

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House of Mr. Franc

Kersko - a place that enchanted Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal. He used to spend a lot of his time in the local settlement of cottages, and searched inspiration with its quirky inhabitants. The flat lands and surroundings are bicycle-friendly. Occassionally, a cyclist rides along one of the old resident's house.

Behind the shabby and rusty fence - nothing but the typical mess. The junk that spoils the look of the garden is only occassionally hidden behind the trees. The dilapidated house is accompanied by yelling and discomfort. While Mr. Franc is watching the young girl cyclists that pass by his house and daydreaming, all he can hear is: "Stop loafing around, old man!". The old man's look is saddened. Leaning against a wire fence, he resembles a prisoner behind bars. Youth passes away in front of his eyes: it's moving away quickly into irretrievability.

Today, the house of Mr. Franc is home to the daughter of a man who was allegedly a real model for the film character. Fiction and the reality of the present. Ca you spot five differences?


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