The Rašín River Bank

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The Rašín River Bank

Do you imagine that the only thing waiting for you under the bridge is a rain-swept rat or a pair of swans? Don't be misled! Plenty of film scenes have been shot on the river bank under the Jirásek Bridge.

Pothead Jakub, one of the main characters in Loners, shared a kiss with his new girlfriend here. Unfortunately it wasn't only until later when he realized that this wasn't the only girlfriend he had. At least that's what his bandmates told him.

Somewhere in the deep waters of the river Vltava resides a water sprite, paid a visit by Arabela in one of the episodes of the popular Czech series. Anyone is free to come feel the magic! Just beware not to stand too close to the bank, as the water sprite chooses well which of his victims will make it back ashore. The visitors of Bajkazyl, an alternative bar, a place for get-togethers and a bike repair shop, would know best.

It is recommended that you plan your visit on a Saturday morning. That's when you can experience the popular farmers' markets, taking place on the river bank since 2010.


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