Velké Bílovice

Wine region Boží muka

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Moravia and Silesia

Velké Bílovice

Wine region Boží muka

"It all looks the same here. Nothing but wine", one of the policemen says of the surroundings. It's also more difficult than he expected to get information from the locals. They won't just march to your car, you have to get out and follow them. Even if it's to a wine cellar.

After the Prague criminalist tastes several samples of the delicious drink, he thinks of a Moravian folk song. When you visit this region, wine-tasting in one of the local cellars is a must. Even the police in the film Grapes was aware of that.

You can then take a tour around the vineyards during which you'll learn more about how Moravia's traditional drink is made. If you have time, ride your bike or take a walk on the educational trail named Between the vineyards (Mezi vinicemi), which begins in Čejkovice and ends in Velké Bílovice. On your way, information boards will share with you interesting facts about wine production in the past and the present.


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